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If you're on LJ, you just saw my post
from yesterday. The shopping that we did
was Saturday and Friday's task.
         That's that.
On Sunday we went uptown. We had thought
that we would hit museums, plural. But
we walked from our hotel on 29th
on up to MoMA (5th and 54th)
and after MoMA we were pretty tired.
(And MoMA's awesome. Lots of neat, neat stuff.)
So we had lunch and went to Central Park.
We hung out for a bit in Central Park,
then took the subway back to our hotel.
We rested, then went down to Union Square
to see a movie (Hanna) and then dined
on sushi. Then we took a cab back here.

Today we have a bus back home at 6.
We have a lunch date, but no other plans;
I'll fill you in tomorrow. See you then!
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I'm writing from Manhattan, NYC,
where [profile] lumpybeast and I are spending time
to start her April break. I'm taking Monday off,
and took off half of Friday, so a bit
of time. So far, we've mostly shopped (as well
as eating: everything we've had was great).
On Friday, it was books: we hit the Strand
where she bought YA books and I acquired
a couple Latin books. Then yesterday
we went to Brooklyn, going to Re/Dress,
an awesome plus-size vintage clothing store.
While we were checking out, the cashier said
that down the street we'd find LeeLee's Valise,
a nice boutique for plus-sized girls, so off
we went (with stop for lunch, which was
crab hash and salmon Benedict (!)) to there,
where Lumpybeast had very happy times
and bought a couple dresses. I went to
a nearby bookstore and picked up a book.
Then back onto the subway to the stores
of Herald Square. We shopped a little more
and went through Macy's, then to base.
Last night it started raining very hard
so we ran out for take-out sandwiches
and had a picnic on our king-size bed.

Today we do museums. Off we go.
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To wrap it up; we're back in Arlington.
The Harpers Ferry trip was interesting,
between the history and the geography
(as well as early hydropower works)
we had a lot to see. Then home! So now
I'm off to sleep. I hope that you enjoyed
our travelogue in verse. And so, good night!
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So: tasted moonshine, saw a bridge, and shopped
for local crafts. We're off now to a cave.
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I find it's very difficult to drive
when eyes don't have the evidence to say
that 20 yards ahead the road exists.
(which is to say: it's very dark out here.)

I make it sound like all we've done is drive.
That isn't true at all. Just yesterday
we tasted yummy barbecue, we felt
a frigid river on our feet, we smelled
some unknown backwoods cooking, heard
some mooing cows a mile away, and saw
a really huge enormous telescope.

Today we're off to maybe buy some crafts.
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If you have been on highways, you have seen
the signs that tell you what you have to pay
if they should catch you littering. In my
experience, I've often seen a fine
of, say, three hundred dollars if the road
is notably a scenic one. The most
that you'll incur for littering in West
Virginia? Twenty-five (yes) thousand bucks,
as well as points on license, term in jail.
They have this sign on all the interstates.

All I can say is "West Virginia, yay!"
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So yesterday we drove from Atkins all
the way to here, the hotel where we stayed
last Friday night. Assuming all goes well
(that is, New Jersey fails to eat us when
we pass through it again) tonight we're home.
I'll probably have more to say from there.
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So now we're headed back to Arlington.
What did we do in Tennessee? Well, I
just hung around, spent time with [ profile] lumpybeast,
her brother, mother, and their cat. The cat,
whose name is Daisy, is a sweetie-pie,
all white with big gray spots, who likes to climb
into a lap and purr. We got along.
The other major thing was [ profile] lumpybeast
and mom's tattoos! For mom: a butterfly
in "sassy" stylized form, for beast: a star,
five-pointed, which is somewhat flowerlike.
(I'll post some pictures later if I can.)
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So here it's Blank Verse Blog Week and I'm now
in Tennessee with [ profile] lumpybeast. We had
some difficulty on our journey here;
we planned at first to get to Allentown
by Friday night, but we got started late
and in New Jersey we decided we
would find a place to sleep. But we did not
expect to tangle with Parsippany,
where going to the Days Inn from the mall
next door involves a fifteen-minute drive
to find some turning spots. And when we did
arrive they told us that they only had
a smoking room, and all the rooms we saw
were lacking windows. So we hit the road
again and headed Pennsylvania-wards.
Or so we thought. We went a ways and found
that we had no idea where we were.
So we got off and tried to find some place
where we could get directions. But we got
confused again and ended up at some
executive hotel where we found out
that we had sleepily confused our east
and west. But Jersey wasn't finished yet.
The westward ramp onto the interstate
was closed so we took detours all around
to find the path to take us out of state.
We counted mileposts down to twelve, and then
New Jersey had a final trick to throw.
We hit a spot of road construction, where
the speed went down to nothing. Half an hour
or something later we were out. A little drive
and we arrived outside of Allentown,
and checked into a nice hotel attached
by secret stairway to the furthest north
of all the Waffle Houses in the world.
(Hooray!) The other days were easier
except for storms in Eastern Tennessee.

And now we're at Panera posting this.
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Just to remind y'all: Blank Verse Blog Week starts this Sunday! I'll be away for pretty much all of it, which actually may mean I have more time for posting than usual. We'll have to see.

Verse FAQ
Prose FAQ

ETA: corrected stupid typo in title
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I haven't written huge amounts of text
this week, but unlike last year's Cnoocy, I
at least wrote something. I have spent the time
enjoying life with [ profile] lumpybeast. I will
say one more thing: I'm very proud to be
a friend of [ profile] tablesaw. I wish that I
were half as good as he at standing up
to privilege, injustice, and the like.
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It's hard to be productive when the wind
is blowing through the window with the air
just cool enough to say "It's still the spring."
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Today was reading, napping, and TV.
Tomorrow I will have more verse for you.
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Well, maybe not the rumpus, but at least
a post to say that even though I'm just
about to fall asleep, it's time to write
my journal posts in five iambic feet
without a rhyme. That is, in verse that's blank.
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I haven't posted much this week. For that
I now apologize. I meant to write
a post here every day, but I have not
had any extra time, I feel. I do intend
to try to post more often in the weeks
and months ahead. But now, it's time to do
some more around the house. (On Tuesday, we
are getting floors redone in half the place.)
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Apologies to those who thought they'd see
some verse upon the 22nd. I
did not expect the show to go so late.

But I precede myself. Tonight I went
with [ profile] rikchik to the Paradise to see
a show by Wayne (that is, the Fountains of)
and had, in fact, a really awesome time.
I noted that the song that got the crowd
the most excited wasn't "Stacy's Mom"
(which is, I think, their biggest recent hit)
but rather "Julie, Hey" a song about
how love can make a soulless office job
a bit more bearable. I wondered if
a number of the people in the room
could see the song as being sung for them.
In some ways it is similar to how
a much more geeky audience reacts
to Mr. Coulton's song about the life
of monkeys spending workdays writing code.
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Today's been better than the day before.
The client's happy (or, at least, not mad)
so I've been documenting code.
      That verse?
There is a church in Malden where my friend
the Reverend (for all you Carleton folks:
the shortest graduate in '96)
is currently associate pastor. For
the Christmas season, they put on a fair
where charities etc. sell gifts.
Among the items on display there was
a silent auction to provide a verse
on which the Rev would preach a sermon. So
of course I entered, and I even won!
It took me several months to pick a verse,
The 46th in chapter 6 of Luke.
Last weekend it was preached; I couldn't go.
But I did get a copy, and it's great!
It's very fire-and-brimstone-y, for which
I bear the blame. (Which is hilarious.)
The text itself, however, is instead
inspiring. I am not, as you should know,
by any means a Christian, but I do
believe in Christian values, not the ones
that hypocrites call "fundamentalist",
but those that Jesus seems to have observed.

How serious I am! Tonight, we clean
and do some laundry, so that we can host
a Foo this weekend. In a day the house
will start to fill with people playing games.
Good night, and have a pleasant afternoon!
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At 2, we're heading down to Providence
for mandatory training. So, in brief:

About a day ago, I tried to add
a column to a table. Only that.
But this was on a current client site,
and MS SQL Manager did not
correctly handle this. So all the rows
that had been in that table disappeared.
As did the data from a couple more.
So I have been a little stressed. But now
we've fixed the problem, used a backup and
I think that everything is working. I'm glad
[ profile] jphekman was at work to help me chill.

Tomorrow, how I picked a bible verse
and what that led to. Now, I'll prep to leave.
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What else have I been up to? Well, for one,
I'm working on a game for Volity,
(I hope that it's OK to mention here!)
the online boardgame project led by [ profile] prog.
Which means I'm learning lots of SVG,
and SVG is lots of fun to learn.
It's like a cross between four things I like:
of JavaScript, of PostScript, XML,
and CSS. It's much like Flash, except
that you don't have to use some monster app.
I like technology that's Emacs-safe.
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It's been a little busy for the last
few months. I seem to find that I have just
enough free time to do what needs to be
completed, but I can't do anything
on all the tasks on which I am behind.
In part that's just because I put things off
that don't need doing now.
        So what have I
been doing? Well, for starters, lots of work.
We're busy and we're understaffed. If you
are looking for a job as either (1)
an engineer or (2) designer (both
in web solution contexts), let me know.
What else? I'll post more later. Now, to work!

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