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I'm writing from Manhattan, NYC,
where [profile] lumpybeast and I are spending time
to start her April break. I'm taking Monday off,
and took off half of Friday, so a bit
of time. So far, we've mostly shopped (as well
as eating: everything we've had was great).
On Friday, it was books: we hit the Strand
where she bought YA books and I acquired
a couple Latin books. Then yesterday
we went to Brooklyn, going to Re/Dress,
an awesome plus-size vintage clothing store.
While we were checking out, the cashier said
that down the street we'd find LeeLee's Valise,
a nice boutique for plus-sized girls, so off
we went (with stop for lunch, which was
crab hash and salmon Benedict (!)) to there,
where Lumpybeast had very happy times
and bought a couple dresses. I went to
a nearby bookstore and picked up a book.
Then back onto the subway to the stores
of Herald Square. We shopped a little more
and went through Macy's, then to base.
Last night it started raining very hard
so we ran out for take-out sandwiches
and had a picnic on our king-size bed.

Today we do museums. Off we go.
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