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Apr. 18th, 2011

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If you're on LJ, you just saw my post
from yesterday. The shopping that we did
was Saturday and Friday's task.
         That's that.
On Sunday we went uptown. We had thought
that we would hit museums, plural. But
we walked from our hotel on 29th
on up to MoMA (5th and 54th)
and after MoMA we were pretty tired.
(And MoMA's awesome. Lots of neat, neat stuff.)
So we had lunch and went to Central Park.
We hung out for a bit in Central Park,
then took the subway back to our hotel.
We rested, then went down to Union Square
to see a movie (Hanna) and then dined
on sushi. Then we took a cab back here.

Today we have a bus back home at 6.
We have a lunch date, but no other plans;
I'll fill you in tomorrow. See you then!

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