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So here it's Blank Verse Blog Week and I'm now
in Tennessee with [ profile] lumpybeast. We had
some difficulty on our journey here;
we planned at first to get to Allentown
by Friday night, but we got started late
and in New Jersey we decided we
would find a place to sleep. But we did not
expect to tangle with Parsippany,
where going to the Days Inn from the mall
next door involves a fifteen-minute drive
to find some turning spots. And when we did
arrive they told us that they only had
a smoking room, and all the rooms we saw
were lacking windows. So we hit the road
again and headed Pennsylvania-wards.
Or so we thought. We went a ways and found
that we had no idea where we were.
So we got off and tried to find some place
where we could get directions. But we got
confused again and ended up at some
executive hotel where we found out
that we had sleepily confused our east
and west. But Jersey wasn't finished yet.
The westward ramp onto the interstate
was closed so we took detours all around
to find the path to take us out of state.
We counted mileposts down to twelve, and then
New Jersey had a final trick to throw.
We hit a spot of road construction, where
the speed went down to nothing. Half an hour
or something later we were out. A little drive
and we arrived outside of Allentown,
and checked into a nice hotel attached
by secret stairway to the furthest north
of all the Waffle Houses in the world.
(Hooray!) The other days were easier
except for storms in Eastern Tennessee.

And now we're at Panera posting this.
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