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The cat has had meat.
I have had a banana.
We both lick our paws.
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 My rubber-soled boots
Make a sound like wooden clogs
On the frozen ground
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Non mala munera sunt, quae misit Munera Mali.

(They are not bad gifts, which Jobs of Apple gave.)


Sep. 6th, 2011 09:13 am
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I once had a fellow at the BNA baggage check offer to fight me for my hat. The escalator at Alewife this morning was less polite about it, but I was victorious and remain in possession.
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I'm writing from Manhattan, NYC,
where [profile] lumpybeast and I are spending time
to start her April break. I'm taking Monday off,
and took off half of Friday, so a bit
of time. So far, we've mostly shopped (as well
as eating: everything we've had was great).
On Friday, it was books: we hit the Strand
where she bought YA books and I acquired
a couple Latin books. Then yesterday
we went to Brooklyn, going to Re/Dress,
an awesome plus-size vintage clothing store.
While we were checking out, the cashier said
that down the street we'd find LeeLee's Valise,
a nice boutique for plus-sized girls, so off
we went (with stop for lunch, which was
crab hash and salmon Benedict (!)) to there,
where Lumpybeast had very happy times
and bought a couple dresses. I went to
a nearby bookstore and picked up a book.
Then back onto the subway to the stores
of Herald Square. We shopped a little more
and went through Macy's, then to base.
Last night it started raining very hard
so we ran out for take-out sandwiches
and had a picnic on our king-size bed.

Today we do museums. Off we go.
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There were two cygnets swimming with the swans by Alewife this morning. They are gray and fuzzy.
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I was playing D&D last night, and it went pretty late. Around 3 in the morning we ended the session, and I was sort of annoyed at myself, because I know I had to get up early this morning, and I wanted to be well-rested. Then I woke up and realized I'd been asleep and dreaming the whole time.

So. Psyched.
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So I wasn't actually going to participate in Yuletide.* I had plenty of stuff to do before we traveled down to Tennessee for the holiday, and all my fanfiction is in drabbles.** So a 1000-word story to a specified fandom seemed beyond me.

But then Yuletide Madness started, which is when the unclaimed prompts go open for people to write shorter work for. Which led to mail from [ profile] jadelennox pointing me at [ profile] schemingreader's very open prompt for the Beatles album Revolver. And that's just too much fun to turn down. At first I thought I was going to write just one drabble about one song. Then I thought I'd write different drabbles for each track. Then in the shower a structure for the album asserted itself. By the end of the day I had 3 written and a thought about the remaining 11. A busy Christmas Eve of writing and a little conversation with JL and I had written a 1400-word drabble sequence and posted it as an actual Yuletide contribution. It was just a lot of fun to write. I like making things. I think my New Year's resolution is to make more things this year.

"Revolver" by cnoocy

* A yearly small-fandom fanfiction exchange. For more details google "Yuletide".
** 100-word very short stories.
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O Snow
You are so pretty
Thank you for being
Such pretty snow
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The scene: [ profile] cnoocy, as part of a cassette inventory of the house, comes into his housemates' room to grab some cassettes to catalog. Cats T and K are in the room already, lounging on the bed.

T: Hey, Cnoocy.
K: Oh my god! A human! runs from room
Cnoocy grabs some tapes and leaves.

Ten minutes later:

Cnoocy comes into his housemates' room to grab some cassettes to catalog. Cats T and K are in the room already, lounging on the bed.

T: Hey, Cnoocy.
K: Oh my god! A human! runs from room

Repeat endlessly.
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Hey, [ profile] lumpybeast and I are going to go to the 8:00 showing of Angels and Demons at the Capitol tonight. Anybody want to come and mock with us?
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1. Discovered that I could subscribe to the videos of Jay Smooth and Sarah Haskins as video podcasts and watch them on my iPod.
2. Got to move carts around in the delightfully creepy U-Haul facility on the Medford-Arlington-Somerville border.
3. Saw 4 movies: a vampire movie, a historical epic, a shiny space adventure, and a superhero story. Perhaps surprisingly, the vampire movie had the lowest body count and the least bleak outlook.

So, a pretty good weekend.
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So yesterday we drove from Atkins all
the way to here, the hotel where we stayed
last Friday night. Assuming all goes well
(that is, New Jersey fails to eat us when
we pass through it again) tonight we're home.
I'll probably have more to say from there.
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So now we're headed back to Arlington.
What did we do in Tennessee? Well, I
just hung around, spent time with [ profile] lumpybeast,
her brother, mother, and their cat. The cat,
whose name is Daisy, is a sweetie-pie,
all white with big gray spots, who likes to climb
into a lap and purr. We got along.
The other major thing was [ profile] lumpybeast
and mom's tattoos! For mom: a butterfly
in "sassy" stylized form, for beast: a star,
five-pointed, which is somewhat flowerlike.
(I'll post some pictures later if I can.)
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So here it's Blank Verse Blog Week and I'm now
in Tennessee with [ profile] lumpybeast. We had
some difficulty on our journey here;
we planned at first to get to Allentown
by Friday night, but we got started late
and in New Jersey we decided we
would find a place to sleep. But we did not
expect to tangle with Parsippany,
where going to the Days Inn from the mall
next door involves a fifteen-minute drive
to find some turning spots. And when we did
arrive they told us that they only had
a smoking room, and all the rooms we saw
were lacking windows. So we hit the road
again and headed Pennsylvania-wards.
Or so we thought. We went a ways and found
that we had no idea where we were.
So we got off and tried to find some place
where we could get directions. But we got
confused again and ended up at some
executive hotel where we found out
that we had sleepily confused our east
and west. But Jersey wasn't finished yet.
The westward ramp onto the interstate
was closed so we took detours all around
to find the path to take us out of state.
We counted mileposts down to twelve, and then
New Jersey had a final trick to throw.
We hit a spot of road construction, where
the speed went down to nothing. Half an hour
or something later we were out. A little drive
and we arrived outside of Allentown,
and checked into a nice hotel attached
by secret stairway to the furthest north
of all the Waffle Houses in the world.
(Hooray!) The other days were easier
except for storms in Eastern Tennessee.

And now we're at Panera posting this.
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I wonder if artificial chicken flavor has the same sort of mild medicinal connotation for cats that artificial mint flavor does for humans.
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Many of you have invited me to cool things around Boston this weekend. I'm not ignoring the invitations out of rudeness, but because I'm going to Philadelphia this weekend.


Jun. 6th, 2008 08:14 am
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This is the Rikchik sonnet about [ profile] lumpybeast I mentioned recently.
Read more... )
There is another post in the Rikchik Language Institute community that deals with more of the language side of the sonnet.
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It's hard to be productive when the wind
is blowing through the window with the air
just cool enough to say "It's still the spring."
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Today was reading, napping, and TV.
Tomorrow I will have more verse for you.

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