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A rant

Jan. 12th, 2017 07:37 am
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I don't give much credit to anybody who blames anything about Hillary or her campaign for Trump's election. Hillary would be preparing for the presidency today if a lot of people hadn't had the following thought process: "It's vitally important that Trump not be elected. The only way that can happen is for Hillary to win. But I can gain some small advantage for myself by making her job harder, and I'm sure that there won't be too many people who think like me. So I'll give Trump some help for my own benefit." Most of our national and local news organizations seem to have done this. A lot of leftists seem to have done this. And a whole lot of moderate Republicans have done this.

So I don't think it is at all appropriate for anyone, especially any of these people, to criticize the Americans who did the most of any of us to stop Trump before he was elected. If you are in this group, I don't need you to apologize (as much as Les Moonves in tears on prime time CBS may be warranted) but I do need you to step up. If you are a news professional, stop reporting Trump's lies and opinions and stratagems. Stand in solidarity with the news organizations he targets and ask their questions for them if needed. If you are a leftist, call your reps, help the Democratic Party organize against Trump, and hold them to stand firm. If you are a moderate Republican, the time has come to publicly break with Trump. If the rest of the GOP is unwilling to abandon him, change parties, especially if you hold elected office.

We can argue about policy once we're done dealing with fascists.

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