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Yay, it's that time again! Thank you for writing me a story.

I am:
into: Worldbuilding, settings, adventures, neat ideas, engagement with canon, complication of canon (including making antagonists sympathetic).
not-so-into: darkfic in general

Battle of Tollense River c. 1250 bce

The scope of this battle is amazing, and the fact that we know so little about it is fascinating. I would love either large-scale speculation or a story about an individual or individuals participating in the battle.

Super optional prompt #1: What brought these people from so far apart to this place?
Super optional prompt #2: What was it like for these people from such far apart places to interact?

Dusty California - Paul and Storm (Song)

There's a whole 70s rock superhero continuity alluded to in this song. I'd love to see some of the derring-do of the Arroyo Harbor Desperados and see how their powers work in the field.

Super optional prompt #1: Do the Desperados have secret identities? Do their musical and superheroic careers ever come into conflict?
Super optional prompt #2: Who are some of the villains the band fights in the song? Are they connected to other aspects of 1970s California? Or are they from somewhere or somewhen else?

Fantasia (1940)

This has been a favorite movie of mine for many years. I love the visuals and the music, even as I realize it has some problematic elements. It would be great to see expansion of any of the scenes of the movie.

Super optional prompt #1: What is one of these musical worlds like before or after the vignette we see in the movie?
Super optional prompt #2: An internal crossover (a mashup, I suppose?) between two or more of the pieces.

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