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Dear DJ,

All of these are songs with definite information but unclear narratives. Any sort of narrative would be awesome.

Likes: Worldbuilding, settings, adventures, beguiling ideas, engagement with canon, complication of canon (including making antagonists sympathetic).

Dislikes: abusive relationships presented as laudable or erotic

The Weight - The Band (Song)
The Weight - The Band (lyrics):

I said "Wait a minute Chester, you know I'm a peaceful man" / He said, "That's okay, boy, won't you feed him when you can?"

Something very odd and very dire is happening in this town. I would love a story exploring what that might be.

Empire - Dar Williams (Song)
Dar Williams - Empire:

Now I'm right, yeah you said I'm right, there's nothing that can harm me / 'cause the sun never sets on my dungeon or my army

This song is clearly fictional, but based on very valid criticisms of very real imperial powers. It would be great to see a story about this empire's rise or its fall.

July, July! - The Decemberists (Song)
The Decemberists - July, July! (from Castaways &…:,_July!

And all the troughs that run the length and breadth of my house and the chickens how they rattle chicken chains

There's lots of detail on this song, but it's not clear what's happening. I'd love a story that gets at that. Is July a person's name? The month? Both? What's up with this house?

Dire Wolf - Grateful Dead (Song)
the grateful dead - Dire Wolf - Workingman's Dead:

The wolf came in, I got my cards / we sat down for a game / I cut my deck to the Queen of Spades / but the cards were all the same

This is a neat song, on the border between folktale and fantasy. It would be very cool to know more about the speaker (or speakers) and the wolf itself.

Sharkey's Day - Laurie Anderson (Song)
Laurie Anderson - Sharkey's Day:

And short animals / they're bucking up on their hind legs / they're talking / talking to me / hey! / look out! / bugs are crawling up my legs! / you know? / I'd rather see this on TV.

I have no real idea what's going on in this song. I'd love a story that figures out, or a story that provides more incomprehensibility.

Tomorrowland - The Nields (Song)
The Nields - Tomorrowland:

We went out to Saturn to see our friend Stevie / he met us at the door and said "I was just leaving / but I got you a gig at the only club in this world"

The scope of this song is very vast, from interpersonal relationships to interplanetary tour dates. Is there a narrative that ties it together? Or is it a set of separate stories? Either one would be awesome to read.

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