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I am:
into: Worldbuilding, settings, adventures, neat ideas, engagement with canon, complication of canon (including making antagonists sympathetic).
not-so-into: non-canon character death, noncon or dubcon, underage, incest

Item 47 (Marvel Short Film)
I love how this story shows some of the effects of the Battle of New York. One of the great things about the MCU is the expanded canon, and this short shows that off nicely. I'm happy to read crossover with the rest of the MCU, as long as these two are the focus of the story.
Extremely optional prompt #1: What are these two up to now after the fall of SHIELD?
Extremely optional prompt #2: What was it like for these two to adjust to their new jobs? 

Celestial Matters - Richard Garfinkle
This is a world that's fascinatingly similar and different to ours. There's a lot going on, and it's brain-expanding to think about.
Extremely optional prompt #1: What's this world like in other places and/or times?
Extremely optional prompt #2: How did this world change after the events of the book?

#GoGetThoseGeckos | Foton-M4 Mission
This whole mission is a wonderful setup for a science fiction story. It's ridiculous and tragic at the same time. I'm fine with ridiculous crack on this one, or crossover, as long as the geckos (or fruit flies) get some agency.
Extremely optional prompt #1: a fix-it fic that saves the geckos in some way.
Extremely optional prompt #2: A tragic story that gives the geckos or flies some part in the story other than unknowing victims. Did they sabotage the satellite themselves for some reason?

Revolution 9 (Song) 
This is the crazy one, but if you signed up for it, I believe you can do it. Any sort of narrative made out of the content of this song would just be awesome.

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