Pinch hits all claimed

Jul. 20th, 2017 10:40 pm
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Go off and canon review and/or write.

If you haven't finished/unlocked your letters, consider this your reminder.

Middle Eastern food?

Jul. 20th, 2017 05:51 pm
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We were in Davis Square a couple of evenings ago when someone said they wanted Middle Eastern food. Other than Amsterdam Falafel, I couldn't think of anywhere right there. I know Sabur in Teele Sq, which is kind of Middle Eastern (and pretty fancy). Googling around didn't turn up anything else in Davis Square, though I found a Lebanese place on Mass Ave nearby which I don't remember trying. Anyone know of any Middle Eastern food in Davis Square, or others a short walk away that you like?
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Posted by Laura Wattenberg

The hottest nicknames of today sound like yesterday. Even as the familiar, everyday nicknames that parents grew up with disappear, a new set of quirky-cute throwbacks is rising. A newborn boy today is more likely to receive the given name Gus than Mike, Dave, or Tom. For girls, Sadie is more popular than Kate, Kim or Jessie…or, for that matter, Katherine, Kimberly or Jessica.

Looking for more new-old ideas? The options are surprisingly plentiful. The early 20th Century was a nickname extravaganza, especially for girls. The trick is that for every old-time name with the revival appeal of Sadie, there are a slew of less promising prospects like Fronie and Mossie.

To hit the bullseye a nickname should be old-fashioned, but not bound too tightly to a formal name that's still stuck in the past, like Gertie and Myrtie. It should be cute, but not quite as cute as Lolly or Pinkie. It can be boyish, but not so distinctly male as Louie and Eddie. It should be a little quirky and surprising, but not as surprising as Leafy and Mintie.

I've identified 29 likely prospects below. All remain uncommon today, with only Hattie and Millie ranking among the top 1,000 given names for American girls.

For parents who wish to use these names purely as nicknames, I've listed their traditional formal sources. You can choose from among them for a full throwback package, or pair the old-fashioned nickname with a more contemporary formal name. For instance, a young Winnie today may formally be Winter or Winslow rather than Winifred, and a young Effie is likely to be…well, just about anything rather than Euphemia.

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Anyone else getting constant flyovers most days and (more annoying) 2-4 large, low, LOUD flyovers between 10:45 pm and midnight every night?

City of Somerville advises you to call Massport and also 311 to report your complaint:

Massport politely took my complaint and promised me a written report.  311 said "people should totally call us about issues, no one ever calls us!", politely took my complaint, and said that various elected officials (including Rosetti, Capuano and some third person I'm forgetting, possibly the mayor) have been trying to get this mitigated, but not necessarily to much effect.

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Sitting on the couch, listening to Welcome to Night Vale, and scrolling FB before getting up to work on dinner and I think I hear a knock. I kind of look around but nothing seems wrong so I go back to FB. I definitely hear a knock this time!

There's a woman on my porch. She was walking home from the bus stop and got caught in the thunderstorm we're having right now. She just wanted to let me know she was on my porch since it was the only one she saw from the corner (ugh, she was probably also worried about possibly getting the cops called on her since she's black).

Thinking it might let up soon I got her a trash bag for a poncho (I don't even know where my umbrellas /are/) and a towel to dry herself off with but it was really coming down so I invited her in. My weather app said it would be at least a half hour until it /might/ let up (it's been about 40 since I checked and it sounds like it just let up a little), so I just drove her home. She was only a few blocks away.

Ugh. I remember those days of walking home from the bus stop and hoping the weather wouldn't turn on me...

On the one hand: Yay! Random good deed!
On the other hand: I partially only did it because I would have felt guilty leaving her on the porch and I'm not comfortable having people I don't know in my house.

14 Boys' Names from Ancient Rome

Jul. 17th, 2017 07:21 pm
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Posted by Emily Cardoza

Looking through the annals of ancient history, today’s explorers can find inspiration for art, literature… and names. Some classical choices are ripe for today’s trends, balancing historical substance and modern style.

These fourteen names for boys take insight from the records of Ancient Rome, decorating emperors, philosophers, and everyone in between. If you’re looking for a name with both strength and smarts, you’re sure to find a handsome option here.   

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Cicero. Bright and bold Cicero has an appeal on multiple levels, from its association with the master of Latin prose to its modern melody and O-ending. From a Roman surname meaning “chickpea,” this choice has an intelligent and unexpected sort of flair.

Albus. Today’s audiences may link this lovely name to Albus Dumbledore of Harry Potter fame, but Albus originated as an ancient surname. It has a nature connection as well - “Albus” is a type of rosemary plant - giving this geek-chic name more real-world substance.  

Rufus. A stylish standard in the United Kingdom for centuries, sweet Rufus has its roots in the Latin language. Namesakes abound throughout history, from musicians to politicians, and it’s no wonder - Rufus has a dashing sensibility all its own.   

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I actually had this photoshoot today (Sunday) but I forgot to post this before so I'm doing it now...

Also! Look! I moved my blog!

For the Cherry Dollface photoshoot this weekend, Christie (the photographer) mentioned that she's working on a beach scene for the studio. She had a few vintage suits but suggested I check out Torrid if I wanted to look for something for myself. And since my local bra shop closed, I thought what the heck I’ll check this out. It’s been a while since last I looked.

(Cherry Dollface is a YouTube personality who is known for her pin-up/rockabilly stuff. She’s partnering with the photographer who’s done my other pin-up photoshoots ( for a mini-session in town. Cherry will do hair and makeup and then Christie will do some photos. I gave myself a private session for my 40th birthday and I’ve been doing annual mini-sessions since.)

Oh, man, I forgot how laughable Torrid's lingerie is for me. They don't put actual sizes on stuff, which ok sizes are pretty meaningless for a lot of women's clothes, but with bras, sizes actually do mean something most of the time. So I got bikini tops in different sizes (0-5, I think? I only grabbed from 0-2 since those are generally what I look at in their tops/dresses). And oh, wow, they did not fit. None of them did. I got one top that almost fit and looked cute and provided a little bit of boob support but only as long as I didn’t move much (or I could just spend all day readjusting my boobs). Even on clearance, it was more than I wanted to spend on something I might at best only wear for a photo shoot. I had been hoping to find something to use for actual beach wear but I knew the chances were slim before I went in.

I suspect that the woman they are trying to fit is not me. I’ve got a smallish ribcage measurement and a large cup size. My guess, from the problems I was noticing with fit, is that their bras are made for women with larger ribcage measurements and smaller cup sizes. I understand there are a lot of women with that problem so it’s awesome that Torrid has stuff for some of them, but I was still a little disappointed. They had some really cute bikini tops!

Also, all their bras are padded. I ... do not need padding. And padding on swimsuits has always seemed extra weird to me. Why would you want to wear something on your chest that’s going to hold water and get heavy (when you’re out of the water) or float weirdly (in the water)? I do not get it.

Anyway, I do have a sports bra that I’ve been wearing for a while as a bikini top so I figured I’d look for some cute bottoms to go with it. I do not really like the bottoms I have right now. And I did manage to find two pairs of cute bikini bottoms. One pair is black with mesh on the sides and the other pair is a bright teal . With my black sports bra, I think they’ll look super cute.

Now I just need to look for a place to go swimming. I love swimming but I really don’t do much of it here in Minnesota…
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I'm sensing a new civic engagement period underway--which I hope will persist. But it may be instructive to hear about previous periods of this as well.

Via Mike Connolly on twitter:

TL,DR + Event details: Historians, 60s activists, current activists will speak to activism in our area and in their eras. "There’s one more treat in store: In addition to panel discussions, there will be a free custom ice cream flavor from Toscanini’s made in honor of the 1960s." I have no idea what 60s ice cream is.

July 29
11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
lecture hall of the Cambridge Main Library
449 Broadway, Mid-Cambridge
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Because of threatened rain tomorrow night, the Friday night part of ArtBeat, in Seven Hills Park, will instead take place Saturday night, after the regularly scheduled Saturday daytime ArtBeat events.

Full information here:

That Name Sure Sounds Funny

Jul. 13th, 2017 12:39 pm
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Posted by Laura Wattenberg

Names are comedy gold. Using a personal name instead of a generic pronoun can instantly make a joke more evocative, more relatable, more specific and, paradoxically, more universal.

In a drive-by medium like one-liners or Twitter, adding so much texture with a single word is priceless. Comedians know it, too. See how the name works in a bit like this:

It just wouldn't be the same without the "Karen," would it? How about this one:

Or this:

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Flood issues in Medford

Jul. 12th, 2017 08:44 pm
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Hello, this is Captain Barry Clemente with an informational message. DPW will be working during the night due to the rain and flooding. They are available at 781-393-2445 and will respond to any flooding in the streets. If you have an emergency, call 911. Thank-you.
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Final schedule for Yuletide 2017

Nominations Friday Sept 8 - Saturday Sept 16
Sign-ups Sunday Oct 1 - Monday Oct 9
Assignments out by Sunday Oct 15
Default deadline Monday Dec 11
Assignment deadline Monday Dec 18

Please note that this is a week earlier than the draft schedule we previously posted.

New Year’s Resolutions notification

If you took part in Yuletide and defaulted after the default deadline, or you submitted an incomplete story at the posting deadline, or you defaulted in Yuletide twice in a row, we ask you to complete a New Year’s Resolution story before you sign up again.

We have just sent an email to everyone who was added to our NYR list after Yuletide 2016. We don’t want you to get to Yuletide 2017, try to sign up, and realise at this late juncture that you are under a restriction.

The email we use is the one currently associated with your AO3 account. If you have any doubt about whether you fulfilled the Yuletide challenge last year, please check your AO3 account details to see what email address the message was sent to. It’s also possible that our message has gone to your spam folder.

You are welcome to comment here or to email and ask if you are on the list of people who need to complete a New Year’s Resolution fic.

If you defaulted in a previous year, you may still be on our NYR list.

More information about New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolution fics written for the purpose of re-qualifying for Yuletide must be posted to the New Year's Resolutions 2017 collection before you sign up to Yuletide 2017. They must be over 1,000 words and written to a previous Yuletide prompt. You can write for a Yuletide 2016 prompt, or you can choose an older Yuletide prompt as long as the fandom in which you write is small enough to still qualify for Yuletide (that is: when adding the total fics on AO3 and, there are fewer than 1,000 fics that are in English, complete, and over 1,000 words long).

The New Year’s Resolution system exists for several reasons:
  • It's an incentive to encourage people either to default early, or, to push on through and post something

  • It works as a warm-up, or as practice, or as a way of proving to yourself you can finish a story to a prompt

  • It's a contribution to the project of getting more stories written in tiny fandoms

  • It's a way of ensuring that past prompts don't get entirely forgotten.

If you had to default in a past year, we are aware that this may have been for a carefully-considered reason or in a difficult time. Needing to complete a NYR does not mean we think you're a terrible person. We hope you use it as an opportunity to write something you enjoy.

You are also welcome to submit a NYR story if you just feel like writing one! The collection will stay open for late fills until Yuletide 2017 assignments are sent out.

Writers are especially encouraged to write stories for prompts that were not filled during the main Yuletide run.

2016 prompts on AO3
Google spreadsheet of all prompts (thank you to Min)
Database of 2016's Dear Author letters (thank you to lsellersfic)
2016 prompts as a text file
Prompts from 2016's non-signed-up pinch hitters on LJ and on DW
Some Day My Fic Will Come mini-challenge - This challenge is for prompts that are posted year after year after year - see more info at the link!

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