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So I wasn't actually going to participate in Yuletide.* I had plenty of stuff to do before we traveled down to Tennessee for the holiday, and all my fanfiction is in drabbles.** So a 1000-word story to a specified fandom seemed beyond me.

But then Yuletide Madness started, which is when the unclaimed prompts go open for people to write shorter work for. Which led to mail from [ profile] jadelennox pointing me at [ profile] schemingreader's very open prompt for the Beatles album Revolver. And that's just too much fun to turn down. At first I thought I was going to write just one drabble about one song. Then I thought I'd write different drabbles for each track. Then in the shower a structure for the album asserted itself. By the end of the day I had 3 written and a thought about the remaining 11. A busy Christmas Eve of writing and a little conversation with JL and I had written a 1400-word drabble sequence and posted it as an actual Yuletide contribution. It was just a lot of fun to write. I like making things. I think my New Year's resolution is to make more things this year.

"Revolver" by cnoocy

* A yearly small-fandom fanfiction exchange. For more details google "Yuletide".
** 100-word very short stories.
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It's official canon that a lightsaber is a short beam of very powerful destructive force, like a chainsaw or a blowtorch. Only Jedi (or Sith) can use them because you need the skills of a Jedi not to injure yourself or someone else with such a powerful weapon.

But what if it's the opposite?

It actually makes more sense to me if the blade of a lightsaber is an extraordinarily weak, but extremely precise force. The Jedi are so attuned to the Force that they can find the spaces between individual atoms and sever the bonds holding a wall or an arm together. Similarly, they can find the force of another lightsaber and block its passage. But a non-Jedi like me or Admiral Ackbar would find it easier to injure someone with a laser pointer.

This idea is based on the Taoist text Cutting Up an Ox in which a butcher explains that his skill at ox-dividing is due to the Way. He sees the "spaces in the joints" and makes so little effort that his blade is still sharp after 19 years of use.
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We were only on board to be the entertainment. The Batyscaphic Juggernaut HMS Bishopsgate was to be the prototype of an entire fleet of submersible craft, and for the gala maiden voyage, the ministry hired the men of the Pataphysical String Quartet and the four of us in the Ladies' Chamber Music Society of Lancashire. When monsters attacked the ship, it was because a helpful and courteous Royal Marines sergeant shoved us into Escape Capsule Amber that we eight survived. So when we arrived at this new and beautiful land beneath the waves, we naturally named it after him: Pepperland.
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This morning as I was walking into the Alewife subway terminal, they had all of the new turnstiles lined up at the other side of the under-construction entryway.

They looked sort of like Daleks.

"We are the superior turnstiles! You will insert your ticket! ENTRY GATE! ENTRY GATE!"
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So, I'm not at all into fanfic, much less RPF. But [ profile] jadelennox is, and how can I resist an interesting challenge?

So here it is. )

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